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Re: Home Guard recruits 1 reply OXFORDSHIRE
Re: Auxiliary Units in Pembroke 1 reply WALES
Re: Auxiliary Unit Knives 1 reply Weapons Related
Re: Auxiliary Unit Knives 3 replies Weapons Related
Re: East & North Yorkshire Patrols 0 replies YORKSHIRE
Re: Aux Wiltshire Scouts. 1 reply General Discussions
Re: Webbing. 2 replies General Discussions
Flickr 0 replies General Discussions
Re: Auxillary Patrols South Hants 0 replies HAMPSHIRE
Re: Magnet 0 replies Weapons Related
Re: Magnet 2 replies Weapons Related
Re: How long would the Aux Units have lasted if we had been invaded? 1 reply In Theory
Re: Would the Auxiliaries have had a significant effect on the German advance? 1 reply In Theory
Re: Would they have carried on, after seeing reprisals, maybe even against their own families? 0 replies In Theory
Re: Would they have carried out their sealed orders? (Killed people known to them) 0 replies In Theory
East & North Yorkshire Patrols 4 replies YORKSHIRE