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brian davis
Hello. I read the Robert Hardman article in DMail, and was encouraged to look at your website.
I don’t know if this is of interest to you, but I lived in Ferndown, Dorset as a boy, and have compiled a book of the memoirs of evacuees who were billeted in the village. One of the contributors wrote that in 1944 he and his pals discovered a concrete cover in the ground in a field and pulled it up. They discovered steps leading to a large room. They “took it over” as their secret hideyhole, and used to light fires and cook food there. One day they discovered that it had been destroyed. I guess this was a resistance site.
If you are interested I can send you a full printout of what he wrote.
Incidentally, I have also written a book about the history of Ferndown, and in it mention that it was rumoured that our scoutmaster had been one of the resistance men. Certainly ihis local knowledge and outdoor survival skills would have made him an ideal candidate.
I hope this information is of some use to you. I am very interested in wartime matters and subsequent National Service and would be delighted to hear from anyone else with these interests.
I am not sure that this email will get through to the right person — the first one I tried to send was rejected – but if it is received and anyone wishes to contact me I would be delighted to receive an email or phone call. I am on 01268 546431. Kind regards, Brian Davis
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Re: ferndown dorset

CART Web Monitor
Hi Brian,

Thanks for this forum post.

This is a public forum rather than a provate or direct email. I will ensure our Dorset researcher sees this post and you can email them at cartdorset@gmail.com directly.

We have six men listed in this patrol and they are

Sgt  JG Tice
Cpl  AC Talbot
Pte  D  Gabe
Pte    May
Pte  WH Feltham
Pte  PL   Blick

Any extra you can provide would be very helpful.

Kind Regards,