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Victoria Cross winners

Stephen Lewins
 Re Medals awarded to Auxiliers. I found that there was a member of the Aux. Units that was awarded the V.C. during WW1. Are there any others????

  Hubert William Lewis 1/5/96 - 22/2/77 V.C. he was from Milford Haven. He served with The Welch Regiment, 11th Battalion. He was awarded the V.C. aged 20 for his actions on 22/23 October 1916 in Macukovo, Greece. Where he was wounded twice during a raid on enemy trenches and again during a search for enemy soldiers, he attacked three Germans taking them all prisoners. Returning to his lines he found a wounded man who he also helped back to safety. After this event he collapsed and was treated for his injuries from which he survived.
  In the Second World War he was in the Home Guard but then transferred to the Auxiliary Units where he became the Sergeant in charge of the Milford Haven patrol.
   Other patrol members Cpl. T.W. Kelly
                                   Pte. F.W. Smith
                                   Pte. C.F. Shrives
                                   Pte. E.J.C. Devriendt
                                   Pte. P.E. Emery
                                   Pte. A.G.(J ?).K. Fee

All joined May - Sept 1940.

Anyone know of any other V.C. winners in the Auxilier Units.