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Surrey Patrols

CART Web Monitor
John has been in touch with us and has said

Dad (John S Greves) was Estate Manager for Stanhope Joel on the Wyphurst Estate, Cranleigh ...

Joined the Home Guard ... Mum thought also involved with some sort of secret organisation ... unfortunately he succumbed to TB before the War ended.

Coal Merchant **** Lucas seemed to be one of the leaders ....

S Joel (Diamond Millionaire) held an RAF Post in the War Office .... handy !

Dad had contacts on the other Estates through "fishing rights" ....??

Not much to go on ...might be a lead somewhere ....

Regards John

If this means anythign to anyone in Surrey please let us know.
Kind Regards,

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Re: Surrey Patrols

John Greves
Having seen the map, have to admit Cranleigh does not fit in with general distribution of Auxiliary Patrols which seem to be concentrated on coastal defence rather than strategic inland barriers as say North Downs or Thames/Avon corridors.
Presume there was a Plan "B" for full scale German Occupation.