New OB in Rye? Help Needed

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New OB in Rye? Help Needed

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A chap called Paul King has been in touch.

He says;

My home was built for the Hennessy family (start thinking Cognac and cellars) in 1903 to 1905, Captain Hennessy died in 1935 and the house was requisitioned by the military and used as a military headquarters by a reservist battalion called the Brecknockshire’s.

The floor within the morning room and the main halls shows signs of having been cut in one place to accommodate either a hatch or stairs and the floor under is concrete which is no in accord with the rest of the under floor substrate.

Outside the front door is a mound shaped like a section of a Yorkie chocolate bar measuring about 40 metres x 20 metres with no purpose other than to take a direct hit and carry the blast sideways rather than down.

Under the house we have one small cellar into which we can gain access, it is under the staff wing, under the main house we cannot gain access though believe there to be a cellar.

I believe therefore there is a bunker outside with internal access long since blocked off by the engineers as was their instruction after WW2.

Saltcote itself is atop a cliff and surrounded by tank traps, would your records support my assumptions?

Kind regards

Paul King

Paul would like to hear from people who have an idea of what this could be. Images to follow I hope.

Please comment below and I will collect the thoughts and pass them on.
Kind Regards,

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Re: New OB in Rye? Help Needed

If this is the saltcote house that became the girls grammar school local word was these were the wartime air raid shelters.