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PLEASE NOTE: Please take these pages with a 'pinch of salt'. They are an open place to discuss 'what might have been' theoretical debates on topics connected to the Auxiliary Units and the planned invasion of Great Britain. Some of the participants below will draw on 'facts' and others will purely speculate. It does not form part of CART's research of published findings.

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How secret were the Aux Units? (Did they know of other patrols, Did they tell loved ones?) by CART Web Monitor
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Malcolm_A by Malcolm_A
Would the Auxiliaries have had a significant effect on the German advance? by CART Web Monitor
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Shaun by Shaun
How long would the Aux Units have lasted if we had been invaded? by CART Web Monitor
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Shaun by Shaun
Would they have carried on, after seeing reprisals, maybe even against their own families? by CART Web Monitor
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CART Yorkshire by CART Yorkshire
Would they have carried out their sealed orders? (Killed people known to them) by CART Web Monitor
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CART Yorkshire by CART Yorkshire
Would they have tried to contact family or friends? by CART Web Monitor
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Bill by Bill
If they thought they were getting close to capture would they have carried on or tried to escape the country? by CART Web Monitor
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CART Web Monitor by CART Web Monitor